Flowering meadow Sponsorship

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CSR activities that enhance regional biodiversity.

Flowering meadows

A walk on a sunny day in nature, surrounded by blossoming wildflowers and the humming of the bees and birds. Isn’t that a wonderful imagination?

Unfortunately, flowering meadows and insect populations are decreasing tremendously.

Help us to plant more flowering meadows to preserve regional biodiversity and secure your beloved walk in nature!


With your contribution, you are participating in our crowdfund to implement the first pilot flower meadow in the US. If we could not crowdfund for 1 acre of meadow until next summer, don’t worry we will plant the same in Germany. Sign up for our monthly sponsorship newsletter, for our exciting news about your nature conservation measure with photos and explanation.


Gift happiness to your loved ones and the nature. You are not adding beauty to nature but adding food to our pollinators and birds


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