Species extinction – worldwide and right on your doorstep

“What’s crawling, buzzing and humming around here?”

Sounds of nature may soon be only a vague memory and all that remains is the rustle of plastic bags blowing in the wind.

This horror scenario now seems to be somewhat exaggerated. However, it is a fact that more and more animal and plant species are endangered worldwide.

And if things continue like this, then this idea doesn’t seem so utopian after all.

Because already now more than 5500 animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. Wild bees, of which there are 550 species here, are particularly endangered. 62% of wild bee species are threatened with extinction.

The Technical University of Munich has published a study on biodiversity in this regard. To do this, they regularly collected insects from 290 fixed sites for 10 years. The result was that here in Germany the number of species has dropped by 33% in this short period of time.

The proportion of insect biomass was also investigated. In grasslands, this decreased by 67%!

What is not even imaginable is unfortunately a fact.


We humans hardly notice this in our everyday actions, and yet we are guilty.


The good thing is: we can make a difference ourselves. By being conscious of our interaction with nature and talking to family and friends, we can make more people aware of this problem and work together to find solutions.

Help prevent regional species extinction now!



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